War against Tamazight in Algeria


KABYLIE (TAMURT) – Less than two months before the constitutional amendment referendum is held in Algeria, where the Tamazight language should be confirmed as the second national and official language in Algeria as well as an unalterable character, an unprecedented anti-Tamazight campaign is underway carried out in Algeria.

Calls to vote “no” against this new constitution will be launched by thousands of internet users as long as Tamazight is not suppressed. It is a real war against the Amazighity and consequently against the Kabylians and Kabylia, which is open and accepted. And none of the authors of these extremely grave appeals have been questioned by the courts at this time. One of the Kabyle politicians who reacted to this racist cabal is Tarik Mira. The latter emphasizes that with the approach of the referendum, which is planned for November 1st, the digital web will be brought to life in a very strange way: “Organized forces (130 academics) – hand and foot tied – are violently fighting Tamazight and secularism. They deliberately confuse them to cast a wide net, especially since in their eyes it is the satanic couple united in a deadly plan: to kill the Arabic language and Islam in Algeria. “Tarik Mira adds:” These gentlemen and women are desperately trying to reverse the burden of proof. While it is Tamazight, an ancestral language threatened with extinction, the Arabic language among these supposedly scientific scholars is threatened by a patois with four hundred dialects. “” Of course, “adds Tarik Mira,” if this is not true, by proclaiming this kind of nonsense, these sorcerers’ apprentices are diminishing the power of the Arabic language. ” And maybe they are basically right? But not where you think there is a problem? The danger that lies above the Arabic language is the propensity of its mentors to keep it in an ideological approach and make Arabity and Islam a companion sale. ““ These supporters of absurdity and alienation pretend not to hear the loud, increasingly powerful voices of bloggers and opinion makers in the Arabian Gulf who in no way want Arabs from the Maghreb. Too barbaric for her taste and never been part of her city. Let’s never forget that the barbaric word used to designate the Berbers was spread by Arabic writers and historians from the Middle East and the Arab-Persian Gulf, ”adds Tarik Mira.

And in conclusion: “Of course your demonstration would not be complete if you did not refer to the fifth column under the aegis of Zionism. It is important not to ignore this rudeness, which is the essence of their emotions, while forgetting that the Arab states are one after the other in the process of normalizing their relationship with the Hebrew state. The amnesia that denies where it comes from is doomed to occupy the boundaries of history. It is a law of nature ”.

Tarik Haddouche