Serious Revelations on “El Watan” and “The Evening”

Djilali Hadjadj

TAMAZGHA (TAMURT) – Journalist Djilali Hadjadj, one of the oldest in Algeria, has just made serious revelations about the two French-language Algerian daily newspapers “Le Soir d’Algérie” and “El Watan”. Revelations showing that these two newspapers are far from independent and even less from enjoying the freedom of expression they pride themselves on.

Of course, Djilali Hadjadj could be blamed for waiting so many decades to speak about it. Given the situation of the press in Algeria, many journalists try to resist every day in order to create small islands of freedom in every newspaper and Djilali Hadjadj seems to be part of this category of journalists. Djilali Hadjadj announced from the start: “I resigned from the Soir d’Algérie, Délivrance et Relief a few days ago!” I was hired at Soir d’Algérie in November 1999, where I was responsible for two weekly pages (which I had suggested) – one on corruption on Mondays and one on retirement (and social security) on Tuesdays for 21 years! The same journalist recalls being fired from El Watan a few days before arriving at Soir d’Algérie. To get an idea of ​​how these newspapers work, Djilali Hadjadj recalls how he was fired from El Watan at the time: “12 of 18 shareholders demanded my departure using a petition addressed to the director and went to the point where I threatened to block the sending of the newspaper to the printer: to prevent it that the newspaper appears through my fault, I took the initiative by resigning! “.

Regarding “Soir d’Algérie” Djilali Hadjadj states that one of the main reasons that led him to resign is the closeness of the newspaper to the existing power – “a power that in my eyes falls within me. Continuity with the Bouteflika- System “. The other reason is the clearly shown support of this newspaper with the current communications minister when the journalist Khaled Drareni is thrown in jail, adds Djilali Hadjadj.” Besides, I was fed up with censoring myself so that my pages could appear! “Not to mention the pages that haven’t appeared,” reveals Hadjadj. “Sincerely, readers who might like these pages – especially retirees or those preparing for retirement. The struggle for democracy, freedom, everyone Freedoms and social justice continue, ”concludes Djilali Hadjadj.

Tarik Haddouche