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Tamazight: What is Abderrazak Makri’s exit?

Abderrazak Makri

TAMAZGHA (TAMURT) – The event over the past forty-eight hours is undoubtedly the declaration of Islamist Abderazzak Makri, president of the MSP (Movement of Society for Peace), party of a certain Mahfoud Nahnah. Hundreds of responses followed the resignation of the President of the MSP to question the secrets of such a change of position if it really does.

Abderrezak Makri used a meeting with his party’s activists to announce loudly and clearly: “Tamazight is ours, ours, it is our language for all of us, Algerians, from east to west. And from north to south. Which is impossible today , that is, teaching the Tamazight language in the 48 wilayas of the country will be possible tomorrow. ”Abderrazak Makri added, specifying that all variants of the Tamazight language that insist on Kabyle are“ ours ” In the current context in the country on the eve of a referendum on the amendment of the constitution, Abderrazak Makri’s resignation is fascinating in several ways, and it is extremely difficult to understand such an attitude when we know that the MSP, whose only ideological inspiration is the Arab Islamism is, in the political recognition of Tamazight was always very reluctant.

Indirectly, the MSP has even repeatedly blocked progress on the Amazigh question at the institutional and political level. However, one thing is certain and cannot suffer from ambiguity. It is the fact that Abderrazak Makri, the MSP, or any political party in the same way as the latter will never advocate generalization of the Tamazight language unless it is not written in Arabic characters. All of the effort is at this level for both Abderrazak Makri and everyone who is like him. In the next constitution, Tamazight will appear among the constants that can no longer be subject to constitutional change.

The MSP has decided to put the train in perspective, to weigh its full weight in imposing the Arabic characters, knowing that such an election can garner maximum sympathy outside of Kabylia. has of course always adopted Latin characters. And of course forever.

Tarik Haddouche

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