José Luis Espert, hard on the Government: “We are closer to Guillermo Moreno than to Adam Smith”

“This government is not liberal, it has typically Kirchnerist measures, we end up with export retentions, with programs like Now 12, Caring Prices, we are closer to Guillermo Moreno than to Adam Smith”. José Luis Espert, an economist with extensive coverage in the media and a surprise presidential candidacy, questioned this weekend the government’s announcements to contain inflation and boost consumption.

In dialogue with Radio Cooperativa, Espert predictably criticized the intervention of the State to control prices. Thus, he compared the former Secretary of Commerce and strongman of the K economy, Guillermo Moreno; with one of the fathers of economic liberalism, the Scot Adan Smith.

“Some basic economic principles are those that Argentina does not respect, you have to specialize in what you are good at, the international experience proves it, we are against what we are good at,” criticized Espert.

From his vision, “Argentina has everything to gain as an exporter, we are good at producing software, copper, zinc, tourism, field, energy, we have everything to gain, but we have poverty, indigence, drug production. price controls are defended, import substitution, the present State … we have to reinvent ourselves, that does not go any further “.

In the discursive, coincided with Macri in that “if we continue with the recipes of 80 years ago we are going bad”. Although he later differentiated: “The President would have been sincere and told what he should have done. This model that is in Argentina does not go any more “.

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