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Tamazighte and the absurd debates on Algerian television

Debate on the Amazigh language

ALGERIA (TAMURT) – Victor Hugo said: A hypocrite is a patient in the double acceptance of the word; He calculates a triumph and endures torture. This quote enlivens the debate that is currently going on on certain channels about the astonishment of the peoples of Algeria and their absolute right to dispose of themselves freely and without any hostility or other interference from the supporters of all pan-Arabism.

Programs where resorting to the inectives and the lie leaves no doubt that they are unwilling to distort our history, with the sole aim of not disappointing His Majesty’s Gallery, are merging from everywhere. Imazighens can’t draw a line with my story so as not to tickle the intruder’s ego.

It is time for each of us to finally understand the importance of putting down roots that are watered from the depths of the bowels of ancestral heritage. We cannot and do not want to cut off part of our history in order to transfer it to another that tends to erase all traces of our millennial civilization, and whose use of our mother tongue is more than enough to fundamentally uphold the true notion of property of the Premises. It is quite simply absurd to hear certain ghosts of the hosts still venturing to chat at the level of certain television sets to have us say that Tamazight is still suffering the affront of a referendum.

That they manage to come to the proof that our story does not come from the “Foutouhates”, but much longer before the birth of Christ. So please reduce your enthusiasm. We are neither west nor east, but Amazighs of North Africa, and history is a witness of that as long as it is not camouflaged.

Rezki Djerroudi

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