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Bessaoud’s Truths About Boumediene

Bessaoud Mohand Arab

TAMAZGHA (TAMURT) – In a letter from Bessaoud Mohand Arab to former Algerian presidential dictator Houari Boumediene, published in “The Observer of the Middle East and Africa” ​​dated July 7, 1967, the founder and president of The Berber Academy provided truths that did not all are known. These kinds of truths and others would benefit from being published, to rewrite history in accordance with reality, long and knowingly hidden.

In the text in question, Bessaoud Mohand Arab wrote to Houari Boumediene: “I knew you for the first time in 1958. I had just arrived in Morocco to treat double pleurisy in the Kabylia bushes. You were a colonel then; Head of Wilaya 5, a title Mr. BOUSSOUF bestowed on you without firing a single shot at the French armed forces. “Bessaoud Mohand Arab recalls in the letter:” Originally from Constantinian and yet a name that makes you laugh and for which you are always ashamed, you have chosen a Berber-sounding pseudonym (Houari), which very quickly became a synonym for cruelty because, added Bessaoud, who does not have to fight against the armed forces of the French army, insults and builds up the reformed ALN, who do not accept at least cheerfully submitting to your violent discipline, against which many worthy officers rebelled with their troops “.

Bessaoud Mohand Arab then recalls that Boumediene later “through the weakness of some and the intrigues of Boussouf,” chief of staff of the ALN, “they did not further attack the dignity of these Reformed (remember Berkane?) And especially against the FPRW , the supreme authority of the revolution. But where you excelled in particular was against the Kabyles. ”Because, Bessaoud explained, Boumediene, after suckling a little Egyptian knowledge, feared that her love of freedom for Boumediene and his friends an obstacle in the path of power and unity with Nasser’s RAU. “And while Kabylia has faced all atrocities, you forbade his sons to speak their language unless you denied them worrying about their wounds or hers Hatred of Berbers since then also met a natural need after they killed Amirouche and Abane: “They have been part of one of the most terrible and bloody repression solved that ever existed against Kabylia. More than 20,000 kabyles, men and women have been tortured while thousands of them have been poisoned for committing the crime of claiming the freedom they paid so hard for and forcibly refusing the Arabic name you wanted on them stay “. Indeed, as Bessaoud chained, knowing whether Algeria will be an Egyptian province or an independent nation with its ethnic unity thanks to the Berber people and its fortunate geographic location. “But what good would it be to be a province or even an Arab nation? Besides, what historical law would it be? Then don’t you realize that North Africa is almost entirely populated by Berbers, who are bravely called Arabs? And that almost 4 million Algerians currently speak the Berber language? »Wrote the former founding member of the Berber Academy, adding that this persistence of the Berber race gave its particular physiognomy, language, individuality and mostly even independence in the midst of vicissitudes and revolutions without preserving the number that angered his country is not one of the the least remarkable facts in African history, and the people who have bestowed such a strong instinct on nationality certainly deserve to attract the observer’s attention.

By thus linking the fate of Algeria with Egypt and within the narrow framework of Arabism, you are “again undermining the unity of the country”. Bessaoud Mohand Arab closes his message with an address to Boumediene: “By helping the many Arab countries against the small and brave people of Israel, you are dealing a severe blow to the international prestige of Algeria, especially since these latter countries sent during the war of liberation not 7 days but 7 years took none of their soldiers to fight on the side of the Berbers. Perhaps your ardor for war is not aimed at Israel, but simply reacts to the needs of a catastrophic domestic policy, since unemployment in Algeria has become a national one Finally, Bessaoud Boumediene concluded: “You will not long deceive the Algerian people.” Moreover, your last statement on this point is instructive: in fact, you no longer want to mobilize men and women to fight against the Israelis (we don’t know how), but with the guns in the Han d defend the dignity and sovereignty of our country and the achievements of our social revolution. . I am not going to ask you, Colonel, to tell us who is threatening Algeria, as I already know. But there will come a day when the Berbers, in whose outbreak they have the secret, will send you to help Nasser “to cry like a woman that he cannot defend like a man”. And if you give him guns it will be soon. “

Tarik Haddouche

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