The FFS holds its extraordinary congress under mysterious conditions

Mohand Amokrane Chérifi, FFS

KABYLIE (TAMURT) – The late Hocibe Aït Ahmed’s party has just signed their marriage certificates with Algerian decision-makers. This party, founded after the Kabylia uprising, the soil of which was irrigated by the blood of the Kabyle martyrs in 1963, has just held its extraordinary congress under the most mysterious of conditions.

While all activists are against this extraordinary congress, Mouhand Amokrane Chérifi, former minister of Chadi Bendjedid and long-time member of the FLN Central Committee, managed to get permission to hold this congress in full custody for the second year in two years. While it is illegal to switch between the wilayas because of the raging pandemic, security services have been directed directly by the Presidency of the Republic to circulate the rare FFS congressmen to hold their congress this Friday in Alger.

This congress is really extraordinary and even mysterious. Even the National Council of the FFS, the only one authorized to convene a congress, did not even meet, informed us an FFS congressman who refused to take part in a masquerade that all militants call. The other irregularity, the congressmen who were elected in 2013. They were 1,100, only 325, and attended this 2020 congress which is not legal, but the congress has been validated since Mouhand Amokrane Chérifi, the friend the generals received permission to hold it.

Nadir S.