She insulted the Kabyle: Naima Salhi in front of the gendarmes

Naima Salhi

TAMAZGHA (TAMURT): She who insulted Kabylia who insulted Kabyles and Tamazight, their only political program and speech, in this case the infamous Naima Salhi, was brought before the gendarmerie to answer for his misdeeds.

As a reminder, Naima Salhi was completely unpunished during the days of the Bouteflika Mafia, who blindly supported her by tooth and nail. But things have changed for her since we just learned that Naima Salhi was heard by the Cheraga Gendarmerie Search Brigade in the Wilaya of Algiers. Naima Salhi was questioned as part of the “incitement to racial hatred” and “incitement to murder” complaint filed against her on June 9, 2019. The lawyers recalled Naima Salhi being called by her constituency brigade for some time, but she was deaf and it was only yesterday that she finally came forward to be heard about wrongdoing he was accused of. “We were heard in March 2020 by the gendarmes of the same brigade, where, after his racist statements, we remembered the subject of our complaint through publications and videos on his party’s official Facebook page,” said the two plaintiffs’ lawyers Kader Houali and Soufiane yesterday Decal.

At the same time, they added that this call-up, which comes after more than a year of filing our complaint, is based on the will of the political power to put an end to “this overly cumbersome political criminal”. “The trial of the President of the Justice and Proclamation Party (PEP) will only be a matter of days. The ball is in the Justice Minister’s court, who must expedite the process of lifting parliamentary immunity against Naima Salhi, who is still sitting in a parliament criticized by the political class, especially following the revelations by the FLN MP from Annaba. on seat purchases with billions.

On charges of racism, Naima Sali also has to answer for her deputy seat in the Wilaya of Boumerdés, generously offered by the regime, when she was not even resident there. The excitement of those affected over the past few days proves in more ways than one that she is no longer protected, as she tried to believe by invoking her closeness to the regime’s former bigwigs. Her last bizarre statement, in which she said she was bewitched for three years, is an attempt to escape her criminal responsibility and persuade public opinion.

However, there is no conscious judge who would believe in these fables, adds the collective that has filed a complaint against Naima Salhi, recalling, “We are determined to reach the end of our commitment to make this complaint one Trial leads whatever. Or the time it will take for this political offender to serve as a role model for those lost in politics, reminding them that racism is not an opinion but a crime that can be punished with justice . “

Tarik Haddouche