The Otiloti

The first official speeches in July 1962 were given in Kabyle

Celebration on July 5th

ALGERIA (TAMURT) – On July 3, 1962, the colonels who survived the war and thousands of fighters joined forces in Sidi Fredj, west of Algiers, to hoist the Algerian flag that removed from France.

The place was symbolic as the French managed to gain a foothold in Sidi Fredj in 1830. It was Mouhad Oulhadj, Colonel of Kabylia, who had raised the Algerian flag and did not speak a word in Arabic. He had given his speech in the Kabyle language. Back from Switzerland, Krim Belkacem, who had signed the independence of Algeria, gave these official speeches in French in front of the foreign press after the signing of the Evian Accords, but also always in Kabyle language at popular meetings. He had a good command of Arabic.

The kabyles who fought the war were naive. They believed in brotherhood with the Algerians. You were sincere. It was very easy to betray them. Since they were the only ones who had actually waged the war against the French army, the Kabyles had lost many men by the end of the war, and the Algerians were stronger because they were very fresh. The Oujda clan, with the help of France and Egypt, pushed the Kabyle aside.

In reality, the Algerian colonizer had replaced the French colonizer. The FFS war against the Oujda clan was a war between the Kabyles and the Algerians. It is time to continue this struggle to gain independence from Kabylia.

Nadir S.

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