The Algerian power is bitter against the RCD

Mohcine Belabbas

ALGERIA (TAMURT) – Algerian decision-makers are putting pressure on the Kabyle party, the RCD, in high gear. After the Ministry of the Interior threatened to dissolve the RCD due to its unauthorized meetings and other activities, the judiciary discovered an old file on Mohcine Bellabès about the story of a worker who was not declared social security.

He was called by the gendarmerie and even risks imprisonment, despite his status as a deputy. The consternation in Kabylia is gaining ground and the intransigence of the decision-makers against the President of the RCD is perceived as another racist act against Kabylia. The dissolution of the RCD is taking shape. At the time of the fact, why wasn’t Mohcine Bellabbès called four years ago? The blackmail is obvious. Therefore, the RCD MPs must at least resign from the AFN of this regime that humiliates them. Mayor too. What to do in gatherings led by the dairy manager and a power that humiliates their party?

It’s a matter of principle. Even the non-RCD Kabyles today have not hidden their outrage over what the government is doing to the RCD party. Everything that Kabyle is is demonized by decision-makers. The Hirak only accentuated the racism against the Kabyle. Algerians don’t want kabyles and a breakup is inevitable.

Nadir S.

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