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Belkacem Zeghmati

TAMAZGHA (TAMURT) – Algerian Justice Minister Belkacem Zeghmati has just teamed up with Naima Salhi, Bengrina and so many other enemies of Kabylia and Amazigh by making statements that are amazing and disappointing to say the least. It remains to be seen whether these statements, to the point of astonishment, bind the entire Algerian government or whether it is an individual case.

In this case, the minister concerned should be rejected by his officials. Because silence and unresponsiveness are inevitably interpreted as proven complicity. Indeed, everyone was surprised, and some were even shocked, to learn of Belkacem Zeghmati’s testimony about Amazighity yesterday. The latter said that Tamazight could in no way become a language of science and knowledge or technology. Some people wonder at the usefulness of such remarks when we know that a campaign against Tamazight, unprecedented in the annals, is currently in full swing on the eve of the referendum on the new constitution that will be held on the 1st of next November and in the Tamazight cited in the article inherent in constants that can no longer be the subject of constitutional amendment.

Belkacem Zeghmati’s statement will be made the day after that of a certain party leader and presidential candidate in December 2019. Bengrina claimed that “Tamazight is a remnant of the reign of the Bouteflika gang”. So-called cultural workers even signed a petition this week to remove Tamazight from the next constitution. If such actions and statements are made by anonymous persons or persons who do not represent an institution, the matter may appear serious, but without concrete and concrete meaning. But when they come from a minister of justice of the republic there are enough to ask a thousand and one questions.

Tarik Haddouche

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